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Cub Scouts Take Flight!

January 31, 2024, the local Cub Scout group (Pack 65-the Wolf Den) scheduled a tour of the museum! 

Their goal was to learn about museums, active duty military, veterans, and what it means to serve one's country. 

They spent two hours talking to a local Vietnam veteran, Peter Guittari, and active duty Air Force recruiter, Staff Sergeant Rhodney Siddayao. 

They learned about flying AC-130 Gunships and the missions that Peter flew, and additionally, they learned how to use one's Air Force career not just to fly, but also in several different jobs as explained by Staff Sergeant Siddayao. 

Pack 65 also got to tour the facility and ask questions about aircraft, vehicles, and artifacts of all eras in the museum. The highlight of the night was getting into our C-130 Hercules with Peter and getting to see what being inside a military plane is like from a pilot's perspective. 

It was a fantastic time and we hope to have Pack 65 back in the future!

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