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About the Museum

Follow the colorful history of aviation in Arkansas and American military conflicts through numerous displays of original artifacts and aviation memorabilia! The historic aircraft in the Arkansas Air & Military Museum are unusual among museum exhibits because many of them still fly. Static displays at the museum range from the golden age of aviation to the jet age, including Vietnam-era Army helicopters and a Navy carrier fighters. While visiting, guests get to climb inside and explore 3 different aircraft. Some special exhibits have take-home activities so families can continue learning when they get home!

There are two rotating exhibits at Arkansas Air and Military Museum. The first is located in the front lobby and rotates every one to two years. This area usually covers deep-dive topics. The second area can be found in our old terminal building. This is known as the Biography Room. In this space you will find a new personal story of a veteran every six months.  

For more about Arkansas Air and Military Museum's mission and operations please watch the video above.

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