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Artifact Friday: The C-130 Hercules

Today’s artifact Friday we are doing a blog about one of the coolest and largest planes! Yes, you guessed it, the C-130 Hercules!

The Hercules design of approved in 1951, and then in 1954, this aircraft took its maiden flight!

The Air Force received its first group of C-130s two years later making it one of the oldest aircraft serving in the U.S. Air Force (the oldest is the B-52 bomber).

C-130s were designed for airlift missions which are tactical cargo, transport, and air drops.

These aircraft proved themselves so useful that every couple of years, they would be modified and sent back into service.

The Hercules has flown in the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. They are also currently used by both active duty and reserve units across the United States and the world.

They only have four active-duty bases across the globe and Little Rock Air Force Base is one of those four! The C-130 on display at our museum is from that base.

C-130 missions include Medevac, paradrops, stealth missions, reconnaissance missions, and transport missions.

The cargo bay can accommodate up to sixty-four paratroopers or ninety combat troops.

C-130s can also transport seventy-two litters or six pallets of cargo as well as utility helicopters and six-wheeled military vehicles.

These aircraft have the unique ability to adapt to the mission, thus, they can be used anywhere at any time for anything. This includes being fitted with skis to land on snow, floats to land on water as well as tight landings on aircraft carriers and dirt strips.

Their military service has been extremely valuable to the United States and they are guaranteed to continue to serve for generations to come.

Make time this weekend to come see our C-130 Hercules in person! It will be an experience you will not forget.

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