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Artifact Friday: Vietnam War Souvenir Jacket

#TGIAF or thank goodness it's artifact Friday! This week we are featuring our Vietnam War Souvenir Jacket.

It was brought back by a U.S. Army Chaplin for his child. These jackets differed in design depending on where the soldier had served. The souvenir jacket "trend" began shortly after WWII ended, with soldiers stationed in Japan. Funny enough the jackets began more popular with the Japanese youth than they did with the soldiers. They would feature Japanese art and incorporate American Aircraft Nose Art. As the years went by though this trend was carried on into the Korean War, where the jackets took more of a dark turn. These jackets would include morbid sayings and harsh war art.

Today these jackets have changed a little bit in the design. Modern jackets tend to sport just Japanese art and are made of silky fabrics. Click this link to see Jared Leto wearing one in 2016

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