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Artifact Friday: The White Hangar

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Hey guys, welcome back to another #ArtifactFriday! Today's artifact examination is the White

Hangar is one of the more notable components of the museum! The White Hangar was built in the 1940’s and completed in 1944. It was one of the few hangars left in the country that was used

for World War II. During the dedication of the Municipal Airport, the White Hangar was notably

pointed out as a part of the airport, especially so for its unique construction of local wood from

the nearby Boston Mountains, and was held together by metal framing. The Hangar was

designed, as well as constructed, by Henry George, a City Engineer for Fayetteville. Funding for

the hangar was put together in dualship by The War Department and the 305th College Training

Detachment when it began in 1941. During the construction, only eight men at a time worked in

the hangar. George oversaw (and worked solely on) the plumbing, welding, electrical wiring, and

engineering work.

After the war, from 1949 to 1962, the Hangar was used by the Federal Aviation

Administration as a Flight Service Station. Pilots would use the station to file flight plans,

observe weather readings, and coordinate aviation operations. You can see a model of the

station at the museum in the Hangar! Today the Hangar is no longer used for flight, but as a part

of the museum to observe airplanes and read about the history of aviation and Drake Field. The

The hangar is also used to hold events, such as weddings, dances, and more recently plays! The

The hangar is easily accessible to everyone, all you gotta do is come one down and buy yourself a ticket!

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