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Artifact Friday: U.S. Marine Dress Blues

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The United States Marine Corps has been a U.S. military branch since 1775 and has gained a reputation for being the toughest and boldest branch of our military.

For today's Artifact Friday, we have chosen to present the Marine Corps dress uniform as well as their insignia.

The dress uniform is symbolic of the branch because it is the only uniform that represents all the colors of the flag of the United States.

For example, their uniform has navy blue dress pants, red trim, and a white belt in addition to white gloves and a white dress cover. The blue is the background of the flag, the white is for the stars and white stripes, and the red is for the additional red stripes.

The uniform is uniquely the embodiment of the Corps and the country.

The Marine insignia is a model of a Globe, Eagle, and Anchor.

The eagle represents America as well as the commitment of the Marines to defend our country on every coastline; the anchor shows the Naval heritage of the Corps, and its ability to defend on

every battleground; and finally, the Globe represents the Marine Corps' presence across the world defending the United States and its Allies.

The United States Marine Corps is known for its fierce loyalty and code of conduct.

Their motto reflects this. Semper Fidelis which is “always faithful” or “always loyal.” They are faithful to always protect their country, their cause, and their freedom at any cost.

Happy Birthday, Marines.

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