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Artifact Friday: Carbon Cub SS

T.G.I.A.F. (Thank Goodness Its Artifact Friday)!

We have a new and temporary artifact for your enjoyment today.

This is the Carbon Cub SS.

Everyone knows that AAMM has been the proud exhibitor of two Cubs in its history. This has included the Piper J Cub trainer (yellow) used by the Civilian Pilot Training Corps here at this airfield as well as the NE-1 Piper which is the U.S. Navy version of the Cub.

Today we have on temporary exhibit one that was built not by Piper, but by Cub Crafters.

This is their Carbon Cub SS.

The Carbon Cub is a light-sport aircraft that is based on the original Piper J Cub design which was light, easy to fly, and could be used on any type of airstrip. The same is true of the Carbon Cub making it one of the most popular LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) in the country.

This aircraft comes in four variants including the Carbon Cub UL, Carbon Cub SS, Carbon Cub FX, and Carbon Cub EX.

The Cub has a 180-horsepower engine (Titan CC340), carbon fiber propeller, air induction scoop, and very light fabric covering.

It can take off at 50 feet, land at only 110 feet, and cruise at 110 miles per hour. Its climb is up to 2100 feet per minute.

It has a wingspan of 34 ft 3 in; a length of 23 ft 3 in; and a height of 8 ft 4 in.

It can carry two crew members plus some small luggage making a maximum take-off weight to be 1,320 lbs.

The Carbon Cub is considered to be a very safe and easy to fly which is one of the reasons it is so popular to own.

Compare this to the original Piper that we have in our hangar.

Its engine (Continental A-65-8) is only 65 horsepower. Its wingspan is 35 ft 3 in; its length is 22 ft 5 in; and its height of 6 ft 8 in.

Its speed is 87 miles per hour and its climb rate is 450 ft per minute. Additionally, Piper's maximum take-off weight is 1,220 lbs.

Quite the difference!

What is neat is to see that this hangar has two generations of Cubs in it! The legacy of the Cub aircraft has been a gift that keeps on giving for over 80 years. We are proud to be able to exhibit this aircraft for as long as it needs a hangar!

Please come by and see this unique temporary exhibit before it flies away!

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