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Artifact Friday: A2 Bomber Jacket

Happy Friday!

So for our Artifact Friday, we decided to continue the clothing trend and talk about the A2 Bomber jacket!

In early aviation, manufacturers created a type of jacket that would be warm and waterproof for pilots. During this time, the cockpits were either open or not heated, and when one reaches a certain altitude, the temperatures drop considerably.

America’s involvement in World War Two put the leather jacket to good use since the Army Air Corps was flying missions constantly in both the Pacific and European Theaters of Operation.

The type A2 jacket replaced the A1 jacket in 1931. It was made of horsehide leather, cotton knitted wrists and waistband, and a warm inner lining.

The unique feature of the A2 is that while it was designed to be warm, it was also designed for the class as well.

The 1930s and 1940s were the eras of dressing nice for every occasion, even flying! So the A2 jacket was created with a dress-shirt-style collar to complete the look. It was every airman's dream to wear the A2.

This particular jacket was worn by a B-24 pilot from the 8th Air Force. He grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and when he received his wings, he served in the European Theater of Operations.

He customized his jacket with a piece of painted nose art on the back!

The Windy City Belle was an aircraft in the 392nd Bomb group and flown by the 578th Squadron for 57 missions. It received its name because it was frequently flow by First Lieutenant Donald Wood from Chicago, Illinois. Click this Link:

To see an actual image of the aircraft.

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