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Artifact Friday: 1931 Model A truck

As you know, the museum has a car show coming up tomorrow! So if you have a cool vehicle you want to show off, please drive on down and see us in the morning.

In honor of our Wings and Wheels, here is our Ford Model A truck.

If you think it looks very similar to our Ford Victoria, you would be absolutely correct. Ford had been wildly successful with its Model T cars, but sales began to go down a bit until the company came out with the Model A.

The Model A was the general name for the type of cars Ford produced from 1927-1931. This happens to be a later model (1931).

The Model A was a very versatile car model. During the years of production, it would come in numerous different styles including a town car, truck (as shown), convertible sedan, the Victoria, and even a station wagon.

One of the interesting things about this new Model A was the driver controls as it was the first Ford car to have a standard drive with a conventional clutch, brake pedals, throttle, and gearshift. This made it a smooth ride for drivers of all ages as opposed to the tricky driver controls of the Model T.

Additionally, Ford changed the body style of the Ford to be sleeker with a lower wheelbase, polished stainless steel radiator shell, narrower hood, smoother fenders, and of course, a much larger gas tank.

The Model A was a bit expensive ranging from $385 ($7,941 in 2024) to $1,400 ($28,879 in 2024) depending on the type of Model A that one purchased.

While the Model A Ford became an extremely popular vehicle, it was the Model A 1931 truck that was the true success.

Because of its close-cabbed style, transmission, and a top speed of 40 miles per hour, nearly 100,000 of these trucks were sold that year.

To this day, the Ford Model A truck is widely sought out by car enthusiasts for restoration projects.

The one in our museum was restored and donated by a Northwest Arkansas local.

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