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Warbird Weekend Q&A

  1. When is Warbird Weekend? May 11th through May 14th.

  2. When does Doc arrive? 3:30 on Thursday May 11th.

  3. What is the cost of admission? Children (3-17) are $12, Adults are $22, WWII, Korea, Members, and ride ticket holders are FREE. Seniors/First responders/ Active Duty/ Veterans are $2 OFF of your admission.

  4. What are the business hours for WBW? Gates open at 8 am. Last tickets are taken at 4 pm and gates close at 5 pm. 

  5. Do I have to buy Pre-Sale Tickets? No. Pre-Sale tickets just allow you to skip the main line. 

  6. How do I buy Pre-Sale Tickets? Please call the museum, come in person, check out our ticket website.

  7. How do I pick-up my Pre-Sale Tickets? You will receive an email and we have a list at will call. 

  8. What do my tickets include? Access the museum and tours of Doc.

  9. Does my $22 ticket include a ride on Doc? No.  

  10. Can I buy Doc Ride tickets? Yes. Please go to

  11. How much are Doc Ride Tickets? Ticket prices start at $600. Please go to for more info.

  12. Can I tour Doc? Yes, Doc and Friends will be giving tours all day Friday and in the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday. Your admission covers this tour.

  13. If I have Member Tickets, where do I enter? Members get to skip the line and go into our 2nd entrance. Please enter at the outdoor gate nearest the C-130 (Large grey plane outside). 

  14. If I have Doc Ride tickets, where do I enter? If you have purchased Doc Ride tickets your admission is FREE. Please enter at the gate nearest the C-130 (Large grey plane outside). 

  15. What time does Doc fly? His flights are at 9 am and 11 am on the 13th and 14th although this may change. Contact the front desk to confirm before booking flights.

  16. If I fly-in, where do I park? Please talk to tower about where to park. 

  17. Can I volunteer? Yes! Please email for more details.

  18. Can I bring pets? We ask that only service and support animals attend Warbird Weekend.

  19. Will there be food? Yes. We will have breakfast and lunch served only on Saturday and Sunday. Each plate is $7.

  20. Can I bring lawn chairs? Yes.

  21. Do you allow outside food and drinks? Yes.

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